In June 2004, Motorcycle LLC was founded with the objective of bringing "motorcycle video" to the masses. Focusing on stories about motorcycle and the people who ride them, producer JJ Turner sought to create entertaining motorcycle movies that encourage riders to hit the open road.

"Anyone can take these trips", reminds Turner, an avid motorcyclist. "You donít have to be a movie star or sell your house to have a motorcycle adventure".

Using camera angles rarely seen in motorcycle video, Turner sought to capture a unique road experience, both informative and entertaining for the motorcycle enthusiast. Seeking like-minded riders and musicians to star in and score the videos. Turner quickly came to realize that filming a motorcycle adventure was only half the battle. Good story telling became a challenge that involved all aspects of the creative process. Turner shied away from the traditions of corporate reality TV and instead saw drama in the basics of a motorcycle road trip.

"If you have ever been on a road trip, you know the excitement is in the details. Where to eat? Will it rain? Do I have enough gas? Whatís around the next turn? Thereís no need to dream up drama. The journey is the drama" explains Turner.

Motorcycle Theater LLC has production offices based in western Kentucky and sales offices in Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area. DVDís are produced for individual sale and wholesale distribution. All rights reserved. Music is licensed by agreement with the participating bands and artists.

If you canít ride for what ever reason, just sit back and enjoy the show", JJ Turner.



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